Angie’s Favorite Biz Tools

This is a list of the tools I’m currently using and loving in my business. They help things run more smoothly and keep my biz on track.

YouTube Tools

  • TubeBuddy – a great way to optimize your videos so you can be found by the people who want to see your videos and grow your channel. The free plugin works great, and if you like, you can get one of the paid versions as you grow. Even the free extension is incredibly useful!
  • Textedly – the text message service that allows me to text my viewers from my computer before each live session on YouTube. 
  • Zoom – the tool that helps me easily go live on YouTube, Facebook and to host webinars and interviews at will. There is a free version!

Biz Tools

  • 17hats – a client management system that makes billing and followups simple and allows for a lot of automation. Reasonably priced and very helpful in a small biz situation. Now it also includes client portals!
  • Acuity Scheduling – allows clients to self-schedule appointments and to pay their invoices all at once. Makes life SO much easier for all involved and pays for itself with the first appointment.
  • – For business cards, promotional items, giveaways, postcards – the list goes on and on. You can almost always find a deal – and if you use THIS LINK, you can save $10 off the top.
  • – My email service – Powered by MailChimp
  • – Where I host Life Makeover Academy