If I told you that, for a blogger, “the money’s in the list,” how would it make you feel?

If you ask me, it can feel intimidating and exhilarating all at once.

What blogger doesn’t want to experience the joy of sending out a single email and seeing sales pour in?

The only problem is that many don’t know how to start their list building endeavors.Create Lead magnets that Convert

But I have good news! That’s where the Blog-Fire Method comes in!

Many bloggers and marketers find that time slips away and before they know it, they’re living in Wish-ville because they kept saying stuff like “oh, I’ll get to it – someday I’ll build a list.”

And of course, someday never comes. That results in a struggle each time they have something to promote or release because they have to find buyers.

What a pain!!

But good news – a well-crafted list with carefully targeted readers will make your life so much easier.

Sounds oversimplified, but when you have an email subscriber list, you have a built in stable of interested customers and prospects – and they can convert for you, promote for you, and give you tips on what needs to be improved.

Build Your List With an Amazing Freebie (Lead Magnet) Offer

Okay. So What Constitutes a Great Offer?

Value– Obviously, the value of the freebie is what will impress your audience. This needs to be something that your audience is searching for. There are two ways you can present the offer.

3 Proven Ideas for Lead Magnets that Convert 

Email Series – You can do a series or give access to something right off the bat. With an email series, the recipient of the emails expects to hear from you once a day or once a week – however you promote it, such as, “Subscribe and Get a FREE Weekly Cooking Lesson Delivered to Your Inbox!”

A series can go on as long as you want it to – indefinitely – or for a set timespan, like a one-week series (which would deliver daily), or a 6-week series, which would deliver weekly for six weeks.

Free Course – You can promote your subscriber freebie as access to a free course. You can compile a PDF file, give them access to a podcast download, or send them a series of videos.

Free Members-Only Area – You can give subscribers the ability to sign up for a free membership area. Even limited membership access could be a perk, and if you have a paid area, you might find that giving them a sneak peek helps convert them into customers for you.

How to Choose a Topic for Your Lead Magnet/Giveaway

Before you create anything, look for topics that your niche needs. You can use the following strategies to search for ideas:

  • Search in niche forums.
  • Google it and see what the additional suggested ideas are (at the bottom of the page “people also searched for” or “related searches” section)
  • Go with what your blog readers have asked you about in your comments section.
  • Read the comments of your competitors’ blogs.
  • Look in a related or niche magazine to see what’s hot.
  • Use sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers to see what people are asking.
  • Look for competitive courses that are for sale, and create your own for FREE.
  • Just come right out and ask people what they need. (For me, this is a preferred method – I often ask people what they need help with when it comes to my various niches – and this is how I create my LM giveaway stuff, as well as my paid stuff.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Opt in Form

  1. Twitter is one social marketing site that helps you build a list quickly. It doesn’t require much of an investment in time – and it’s free. You have 140 characters to work with, so test different headlines to get people to click through and sign up.
  2. Article marketing still works well. Some people worried about recent Google algorithm changes and whether or not the directories would be able to compete. But like other sites, they simply adjusted their business model, cleaned up what Google disliked, and they’re back on the road to recovery.
  3. Forum sig files are good for getting people to sign up to your list. Don’t be vague – get specific. For example, people are more likely to sign up for a sig file that says, “Download my FREE report that shows exactly how I increased my Amazon earnings by 800% in just 4 weeks!”
    1. That’s much better than a sig file that states, “Download my FREE report that shares a money making tip with you.” People get excited when you’re specific – but test your sig file to see what works best for you.
  4. Solo ads are a paid option you can use, but they’re effective. Solo advertisements are basically when you rent someone else’s list temporarily. They can be low cost or very expensive.
  5. The bigger the list, and the more responsive it is, the more it will cost you. You don’t want to throw money to the wind, so check out the list first and see whether it suits your needs.
  6. Google Plus is another social networking site you can use to drive traffic to your email subscriber form. Post as much or as little as you want, and include videos and text.
  7. You can even conduct live hangout sessions where you personally interact with your core audience online and allow them to ask you questions. This helps you build a reputation as a leader in your niche, and it makes people want to follow your links, so expose your squeeze page to this audience.
  8. Web 2.0 sites are still working for many niches. Of course, sites like Squidoo and Hub Pages have clamped down on spammy marketers, so you have to be very careful and don’t be overly promotional.
  9. Facebook can work for you on both a free and paid basis. You can use a personal profile, a fan page or group page to promote your opt in pages and offers. After posting them, decide whether or not you want to pay to have the post seen by more people in your target audience. They have a great tracking system that shows you what kind of interaction your paid ad generated.
  10. Blog comments work well, but only if you’re a regular participant, not spamming your own links, and you’re mindful that you’re in someone else’s house, not on your own domain.

What are your most challenging issues when it comes to creating lead magnets to build your email list? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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