General Overview:

Session One:
Discussion, Strategy and Brainstorming Session

We’ll go over your existing business – plan, model or idea – and discuss and brainstorm ways to improve your marketing, offerings and generally increase sales and reduce costs. We’ll also discuss ways you can retain customers more effectively and plan for future growth. You’ll come away with actionable items you can begin to implement right away.

A recap e-mail after each coaching call
All of the relevant resources from my toolbox (programs, assessments, articles, websites, books, etc.)
Specific action steps
Access to my personal network and my personal resources
Help with building or modifying your website – teaching and modifying during sessions only (additional assistance may require additional cost – such as any work you need me to do on the site outside of sessions)

Sessions Two through Six:

These will be customized to your needs and can be outlined during or after your first session.

You also get:

Access to my BizHive library and full access to Universibee during our time together
A personalized resource package prepared for you after our first session which will include: