Writers, editors, publishers! Lend me your ear. Or, your eyes, as it were.

Question: Do you get emails from SEO firms that look like a small child wrote them?

EBWHITE quoteI’ve been wondering if I’m alone in this one – I’m always getting these lovely emails from overseas SEO firms who are offering to help push my various sites up to the “top position in Google.”

For example, look at this (unedited) one that I received today (name and site redacted to protect the guilty).


I hope you are doing well.

Are you looking for SEO service to rank your Website organically in Top 3 positions of Google page 1?

We provide guarantee to have more than 50% of the keywords on Google page 1 within the projected Google page 1 time line, so let us provide you the Google page 1 projection after your reply.

There will be no set up fee or any other hidden charge. So you just have to pay your monthly SEO fee and no need to sign any contract.

Please revert back to us if interested to know more information related to price and time line projection.

I will look forward to your reply.


Sigh. But what’s the point of this post? Am I just ranting for no good reason? Nope. So many things that are wrong with that email. Here are just a few.

  • Very generic, no personalization or research done on my company or sites before approach. (Should have used my name, title and said something relevant to my site and/or niche at the very least.)
  • Probably purchased a list and spammed thousands of innocent business owners with the idea that if you throw enough shit against the wall, something’s bound to stick. (Should have built his own list with a high-value offer of info or stuff to potential clients).
  • Excessive grammar and punctuation issues. (Should have hired a good freelance editor!)

With all of that being said, the most important element of good search engine optimization is GOOD CONTENT that is written in such a way that people can naturally find it.

But that’s not really my point today. The truth is that these emails kind of offend me a little bit. Not because they exist, not because they clutter up my in box. They offend me because they are packed full of very basic grammar and spelling errors.

My feeling is that a decent SEO firm might have a decent native-English-speaking editor on contract to check over emails that it’s sending to English-speaking people at English-speaking companies.

So today, I’m going to throw out some advice for you, SEO firms from overseas.

If you ever want any of my money, you must hire yourself an English-speaking writer and get those emails corrected. I’m guessing I’m not alone in that feeling. So let me know if you need help with editing.

I’m just saying. 🙂