It seems like everyone’s got an email list going these days, but why are some people getting tons of responses and new subscribers, while others are just hearing crickets?

It’s really simple to personalize email to your lists these days, thanks to the various mail services available – but why do some emails never get opened?

Not every buyer or reader knows about autoresponders, so giving them the sense that you created an email just for each reader can really impress them!

Top 10 Tips for Personalizing Emails With Your Auto-Responder

  1. 7543411458_955765a2a0When you write each response, start with the name of a trusted friend and write as if the message was just for that friend. Then edit out the friend’s name and set up the message so that your autoresponder takes over and inserts the prospect’s name.
  2. Personalization isn’t just for emails – use it as an intro to your ezine, too: “Hi, Susan, here’s some great new ideas for using the XYZ Information system that I know you’ll appreciate.” Use the name that the prospect gives in the information gathering form.
  3. Add the name naturally as it would occur in conversation. Internet marketers can make the mistake of over-using the name just because it’s easy to insert electronically. Read the message aloud before you send it – that way, you’ll be able to make changes if it doesn’t sound natural to you.
  4. Would you use the name that many times or does it sound phony?  Yes, people love the sound of their own names, but when it’s over used, the reaction is that you’re being a fake and that send the buyer fleeing.
  5. Avoid the marital status question. Don’t add Ms, Miss or Mrs to any correspondence. For one thing, email isn’t that formal. And in most cases, it’s irrelevant anyway.
  6. Don’t forget to optimize your send times. Check your analytics and see when people are opening your emails most often, and then send them at those times. Many services, such as Constant Contact, have this function built in – LOVE that.
  7. Ask for your subscriber’s birthday on your signup form and then auto-send a birthday greeting each year. You can even add a special gift (such as an ebook, report or toolkit) as well as a discount on other products and services if you really want to impress them.
  8. If you’re already using auto-responders and some are being opened less often than others, try going back in and changing your subject lines to a higher-converting, more enticing headline.
  9. Use the name when you ask for the order. Remember to be personal when you make the final pitch.  What’s more appealing to you: “Everyone needs this marketing package to increase sales” or “ I want to see you enjoy the kind of success I’ve had with this product – so, Stan, are you ready to make serious money online? If you are then click here. . . .but wait, Stan, I’ve got one more bonus that’s just what you need!”
  10. Once your reader signs up for your email list, you can really make yourself stand out by sending a welcome series via your autoresponder!

Sample Basic Welcome Series Template That Works

  • Within an hour of signing up (but at least 15 mins. later): Send your reader a thank you message with soft call-to-action – such as “don’t forget to check out your free gift,” or “click here to set up your profile.”
  • 2-4 days after sign-up: Promotional email featuring top products or company benefits.
  • 7 days after sign-up: Personal note from company CEO/top executive with special offer.

Keep it real, keep it personal and keep making contact with your list so that the first sale isn’t the last one.

What are your best tips for using your reader’s name and showing interest in his success? Tell me in the comments section!