project blissful new cover paperbackIt’s been a week or two since I’ve updated here, but there’s so much to say! I’m going to start with this quick bit of news, though. I’m trying something new.

A couple of my books have folks making some noise – they want to have them in paperback because, for whatever reason, they don’t “do” Kindle, but they want to read my book.

I am totally honored, obviously, and after having the book formatted and sent off to the publisher, I’m waiting on a package of proof copies for my approval now.

So, it occurred to me that this was an opportunity to try a new way to not only get the word out but to gather the community that had been privately reaching out to me in various ways over the years as I blogged and shared my experiences.

One of the books that has so far received the most requests for paperback publication is Project Blissful, which is based on my own experience of losing more than 100 pounds and keeping it off for more than three years and counting.

Since so many people have been interested and supportive of the work, I decided to try throwing a virtual launch party once the paperback is available online for purchase.

I chose a party date of June 15, which was recommended by Shana Festa, the author of the ebook I picked up to learn about this stuff. Oh – for the record, Festa’s book is called Hosting a Virtual Launch Party, and it’s one of several resources I’m using to learn how to do this right. So far, so good – I’ve already seen an increase in sales and I’ve barely started publicizing it.

Here’s the link to the virtual book launch party on Facebook – it’s a public event, so feel free to click that “going” button!

And hey, if you’d like to join me and see how it goes, I’d sincerely appreciate the support. Oh, and I’ll be giving stuff away, too, so it could be fun!

Here’s the video invite I created (and yes, I am working on better everything with these videos! I just made this one on a Hangout I did a blogcast with a couple days ago).

A few things I need to address:

Video quality – I think that’s obvious. I’ve got a better camera and plan to use it next time.

Editing – same deal, with better software.

Speed – I talk too fast. I am working on it. 🙂

Lighting – again. Obvs.

Thoughts? Hit me up in the comments or on Facebook.