success quote opwFound a very interesting Kindle author success story and I just had to share it with you.

So there’s this crazy-successful indy author named Mark Dawson says that when he hit the bigtime, it was just as much of a shock to him as anyone else. In fact, he happened to check his downloads on the day he released his breakout book.

“I could hardly believe my eyes – it was in the tens of thousands. At that moment I realised that I was onto something interesting,” he said in an interview.

According to Dawson, he didn’t really even know how to upload the ook when he first got started.

“I am not amazingly gifted technically but my friend knew what to do and had put it out for me,” says Mark. “I’d gone in with Amazon and they had some pretty useful tools that authors can utilise. For example, they will put your novel up for free for short periods, though it only really helps if you have more than one book. If that’s the case giving away a free one readers can get to know you and will then go and buy some of your other work.”

But that’s pretty nornal, in some ways, right? Not so surprising, anyway.

So how does a serial killer fit into Dawson’s success with Amazon Kindle?

Well, the book that launched his career out of obscurity was written about an “aircraftman in the RAF called Gordon Cummins who was captured in 1942 after leaving a gas mask behind at one of the scenes, which had his service number on the side. He was hanged for four murders and was known to have attacked three other women, but his full list of victims was thought to have been far worse,” according to the article. (Story continues in the link below.)

Go take a look and let me know your thoughts.

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