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Running Your Product Launch

Dear Product Creator,

The point of a product launch is to get buzz so that you can encourage sales for your new product. A well-defined and planned launch can build momentum in your sales for not just your new product but for all the products in your funnel if you organize and plan everything accordingly. A product launch is really a series of planned tasks and events that create a successful product launch.

During your launch, you’ll get more traffic, add more people to your lists, make more sales, and create amazing momentum in your business that cannot be matched. Therefore, professionals often say to make more money online, launch more.

This report will walk you through the launch process so you no longer feel intimidated.

Claim this report (you can download it instantly) and learn the following:

Analyzing and choosing the best dates for your product launch

Tips for determining the duration of your product launch

Tracking all the steps in your launch to stay organized

Reviewing your metrics post-launch so you understand what to do next

Updating the product as needed based on metrics and feedback

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