I know how it is to be a broke writer. And as someone who is on a mission to pay it forward, I’m always looking for ways to help my fellow writers. That’s why I’ve launched a new low-cost marketing program for authors and small business owners.

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While I command much higher prices from the large companies and highly successful individuals I work with, I remember the days when I could have used some help from a pro – but my budget just didn’t allow for it.

That left me to do things myself – and I got really good at it. That was in part due to my own efforts and determination, but also thanks to various other writers, web designers, editors, bloggers, journalists, techies and other small business owners who reached out and offered me a hand when I needed it.

Whether they helped in a big or small way, they impacted me. And they helped me to get where I am today. That is why I want to help and what this program is all about.

Here are the currently available packages.

New Low-Cost, High Impact Marketing Packages Available Now!

Special Marketing Packages for Kindle Authors Only

You can see the most current list of available packages at my Fiverr profile.

Please note: As one of my blog readers, you are also welcome to contact me directly to work out a separate marketing plan, but understand that if you want the prices you see on Fiverr, you need to go through the Fiverr interface.