So, a couple of months ago, I did something really brave: I decided to go cold-turkey on my whole “multiple niche” approach to life (and blogging). Niche Focus Experiment Update

I decided I’d spend 30 days focusing only on a single niche that had been sort of assigned to me by the universe.

At the end of the 30 days, I received an invitation to participate in a pretty big online summit that was perfect for the niche – but the event was a month away. So, I decided I’d give it another month.

The summit, despite a small hiccup, went incredibly well. In the meantime, I’ve developed classes, written more books and produced a ton of videos in the niche. I’ve even launched a research group and a support group, both of which are full of amazing people.

I have a valuable free offer on one site that helps lead people to my classes, and tons of freebies available around the web for those who need them. There are all kinds of experts in my niche reaching out to me – but also (and most importantly) people who are in need of my work because they are exper

I think the biggest reason I’m succeeding in this particular niche is that it’s one that is close to my heart, but the single focus factor is definitely in play.

Over all, much like The Great Kindle Experiment, this one has been (and continues to be) a resounding success.

Stay tuned for updates!

So what are you working on right now? Share your thoughts in the comments.