Goodness, I am feeling CHATTY today. You know how some people act all hard-ass like they know everything? And then how sometimes, they turn out to be fakes?

Well, my friend, I’ve got a story for you that is going to shock you and give you some insight that you probably never had about Carol Tice.

You are SO going to thank me for this one.

I’ve known Carol for several years, ever since we blogged together at a now-offline writer site called The WM Freelance Connection.

These days, she’s running the Make a Living Writing blog and the Freelance Writers Den writers community. She’s also teaching online classes to some lucky writers over at

The Little Secret About Carol Tice: She Gets PAID Like a Boss – and she started from nothing.

So, if you don’t already know Carol Tice, and you really want to learn to make a living writing, you need to know her. Why? Well, because she knows what she’s talking about.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret before I spill the beans on the big one. Just between you, me and the tree?  The girl gets PAID! I mean, “she supports her entire family and can easily boast 6 figures” kinda paid.


Don’t you wanna know how she does it?? A lot of people do. Her blogs describe how Carol got her start in freelance writing, and how she got back into freelancing in 2005 (the same year I did, btw!). 

The Big Secret: She’s the Real Deal.

And I promise you, she’s doing what comes naturally do her. And I know what I’m talking about.

See, I’m one of the lucky ones, because I met Carol before she became the plucky public personality she is today.

This is how I am so sure she’s real: Carol personally coached me out of the content mills back in the day, and I can personally thank her for the encouragement I needed to get the leap in income and job satisfaction that came with it. 

I’m not exaggerating. Carol literally advised and encouraged me right out of the mills and out of obscurity with her advice.

And her techniques have only gotten better and more organized. See, when she helped me out, she was doing what came naturally to her – advising a friend and fellow writer on how to go out there and get what she was worth.

And the advice worked! But these days, she’s running a new online writer school with Linda Formichelli, another amazing blogging legend. You ought to check it out if you’re hoping to increase your writing income (or even if you want to quit your day job and make this your fulltime deal – that’s what I did!).

Carol’s PRO TIP: The Single Question That Will Maximize Your Earning Potential and Online Writing Project Fees

Carol actually taught me one of my favorite techniques for getting a better rate on freelance jobs – and it’s literally a three word question that can be a gamechanger.

Freelance Writing Advice That Works: This 1 Question Will Maximize Your Income

I am here to tell you that the very first time I used this question, it WORKED, and it has worked about 95 percent of the time since.

The question?

“What’s your budget?”

Why It Works: Your client knows what he or she can spend on your services. You know what you want to charge. Ideally, these will be similar costs, but if your client throws out a number that is significantly higher or lower than what you’re expecting, maybe you just need to clarify what exactly they’re paying for. When you have a feel for what the client can afford, you know how much to offer for that price.

Okay. Now the best news – Carol and Linda have opened the doors to several of their courses. Here are three that are especially perfect for online writing professionals and aspiring online writers.

Escape The Content Mills

Sick of writing for pennies?

Learn More about how to Escape The Content MillsDesperate to earn more?

If you’re burned out on writing dozens of articles a week just to pay basic bills — you’re not alone.

Our survey of more than 400 content mill writers found most mill writers are urgently trying to escape this grind and earn more.

Why? Well, one reason might be that 40% earn a paltry $1-$5 an hour at it.

That’s just wrong.

Even if you’re happy writing for mills, there’s a problem. Cheap SEO content is a shrinking writing niche, thanks to Google. Take a look at any mill site’s traffic rankings — and you’ll see they’re plummeting. And less traffic means less ad revenue, and less money for writers. It’s just that simple. GET YOUR ESCAPE HERE!

Freelance Writers Pitch ClinicDo you send off pitch letters to magazines, blogs, businesses and websites…and get no response?

Never send queries because you feel you don’t know how?

Learn how to get the gig—fast!

  • Learn to pitch to editors and business clients…and get the gig.
  • Learn and grow as a writer with expert feedback on your queries and Letters of Introduction (LOIs).
  • Get the chance for a full refund of the course price (no joke!).
  • Have your homework critiqued and your questions answered by REAL LIVE, big-name magazine editors.
  • Get a chance to qualify for A FREE 4-week pitch challenge the month after class, to put what you learned into action.
  • Fast-paced and fun!
  • And best of all…get the skills and confidence to launch (or improve) a freelance business that lets you work from home and control how much you earn.

J-School: 4-Week Journalism Crash CourseGet the journalism chops you need to land good-paying gigs—working at your own pace!

  • Is fear of making a mistake or looking stupid holding you back from pursuing your dream of becoming a successful article writer for print magazines, websites, or content marketing companies?
  • Are you stuck writing for content mills and can’t seem to move up?
  • Having trouble getting editors excited about your story ideas?
  • Worried something you write will get you sued? (Yikes!)
  • Are you earning less than you should because you didn’t go to journalism school—but you don’t want to shell out $30k to attend (and spend two years doing it!)?

We heard you! That’s why we created a course that will help you become a more confident article writer – fast – and earn big as a freelancer! Click here to learn more. 

Check out those courses and let me know what you think! Also, who are your favorite writing bloggers, and where do you read their blogs? Share your ideas in the comments below.