A recent Huffington Post article claims that it’s possible to succeed as an author, even without a platform of her own. In fact, according to writer Neil Wooten, he’s living proof of it.

wpid-17053391086_cccaa297af_b.jpg“Let’s face it; we’re living in the age of Kim Kardashian selfie books and gals like Snookie are NYT best-selling authors,” Wooten writes. “Do you think agents and publishers are eager to work with these people because they think one of them might be the next Harper Lee? No, it’s because they have a platform.”

He goes on to say that, while he can’t offer you a solution to building your own platform without the benefit of existing fame, he has recently discovered that “borrowing” a platform has helped him to find more success.

How’d he do it? I’m putting the link to the full article below. Check it out and let me know your thoughts..

See Wooten’s article click here