ideas change the worldAs a Kindle ebook author, you’d like to make a living writing and nothing else, right? Well, if you don’t love marketing, you’ve got to know this: get into the right niche.

So what niche is the right niche?

Well, that’s why you need to know that asking the right questions is the most important aspect of establishing your expertise in a successful niche.

So, what does that mean, exactly?

Well, let’s start with one of the niches I’m writing a lot in these days – weight loss.

Now, as someone who writes in the weight loss and fitness niche, you might have a tendency to jump ahead of your prospects and give them information on various fitness programs and weight loss maintenance.

Sure, those are major issues – but they’re not the only issues. If you aren’t sure what kind of questions people who are trying to lose weight might ask, get into forums on that topic and pay attention to what solutions they need. Or just start by considering the things that you, personally, have struggled with along the way in your own journey.

5 Must-Ask Questions

Talk to anyone you know who’s facing this problem. Then ask yourself these basics (regardless of the niche topic):

  • What products or services does a person in this situation need or want?
  • Are the immediate concerns personal or external?
  • What are the emotional issues?
  • What are creative, non-traditional ways to approach the problem?
  • What happens next?

Do you see how these “personal impact” questions take your thinking processes beyond the usual information and typical “how to” ideas. That’s because each of these questions represents a potential information product, video “how to” and affiliate product that takes a different twist than the generic options – which is exactly what you need to stand out.

You can also use the contrary approach. Kindle ebooks (non-fiction ones, anyway) tend to show what happens when the buyer follows the advice. Some viewers will read your book description on and dismiss it saying, “So what if I don’t go that way? Maybe this advice isn’t worth my time!”

But you can show them what happens by preparing a piece of pre-launch content or companion that explains the worst-case scenario or the less than ideal situation – in the case of weight loss, it’d obviously be the opposite of the benefits (weight gain, bloating, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, etc).

And then all you’ve got to do is wrap up the final pages by pitching how to change this (weight loss, the dieting experience, for example) for the better with the positive spin version – aka your own method.

Thinking outside the box

You should customize your questions to your topic, of course. Need a few more ideas? Here are a few suggestions that you can use as idea starters for your ebooks and related products development.

  • At what point is your reader most likely to get stuck or frustrated implementing the system you’re sharing?
  • What skills and ideas should your reader focus on in order to use this knowledge to move to the next level?
  • What are the biggest obstacles to success for a newcomer to this system? How can you overcome them?
  • How to you want your reader to feel after reading your book and trying your system?
  • And the final, critically important question is: What do you want your readers to say about you or your books when they finish reading? How can you help them to find that feeling?

Want to come up with a best-selling Kindle ebook idea? Start with learning to anticipate your readers’ needs and wants and write to that level. Ask the right questions! Do reader surveys.