So, in an effort to improve my own WordPress blog over at, I recently installed a top ten posts plugin in order to keep a list of the most popular posts (by day and all-time, so far) in my sidebar on the site.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet – but what it comes down to is that this particular plugin offered me a really interesting bit of insight.

Take a look at what it says my top most popular posts of the day are:

And of all time:

Most of those posts are clearly about one main topic – narcissism.

How about that? Clearly, that niche is defined pretty well for me. I knew those narcissism posts brought a lot of traffic, but this was a really simple visual way for me to see that I’m on the right track.

TIP: The plugin I am using is a free one, by the way. Super easy to use and very easy to install (I just got it right through the WP dashboard, but you can also download it if you prefer.)

Have you tried a top ten posts plugin? Which one did you use and did you have a similar niche-defining experience? Share your thoughts below or hit me up on Facebook.