As a life and business coach, I get all kinds of questions via email and social media about how to become a blogger. Today, I’m covering a biggie.

How often should you update your blog?

I recently set up a resources page for new bloggers who are looking to start their first blog in response to those inquiries (see it here, if you like – everything is totally free!). how often should i update mmy blog

That’s why I’ve started this new blogging series here at I’m always interested in paying it forward – and I had a lot of help from my fellow writers when I started.

Blogging 101: How often should I be putting new content up?

As for new content, that’s entirely up to you. Just try to keep it on some kind of schedule so your readers know what to expect.

I post at least a few times a day and find that to be best for my site; however, that wasn’t an overnight development. I think personally every day is necessary eventually, but everyone has a different plan – and depending on your niche and audience, it may not be necessary for you.

Help With Daily Posting

There are a couple of plugins available that can help you out with getting those posts up every day. One of my favorites is Argo Links. It’s free and it allows me to find stories I like, write my opinion and link out to it.

Then I can create a link love post almost instantly too but just doing an “Argo Links Roundup,” making my life 100 percent easier, and making for instant content. Handy dandy.

Another tool I like is WhizPress, which costs around ten bucks a month. It’s somewhat primitave but easy to use.

For more free and cheap tools to help organize your writing, blogging and life, check out this post.

Looking for post ideas?  

Link love posts (also known as “roundup posts”) are awesome for both networking and for traffic. That means that you collect a series of links that all relate to a specific topic and/or various aspects of it.

If you really want to make a bang with a link love post, tweet out to each author you feature in the post. This can open up entire new audiences for you.

Another thing to consider: list posts in general are good for traffic, so if you feel like you need a quick-write blog topic, consider something like “Top 10 Ways to _______” or “27 Tips for _____.”

General Posting Advice (Formatting)

People want short paragraphs, bold headlines, lots of bullet points and all of your posts should be easy to skim in general. Most people don’t read the full post, but long posts also do well though especially in the long term when it comes to SEO value

Post Juice 

While it’ll only offer you temporary traffic for the most part, anytime you can use a celebrity name and keep it on topic, that can also help.

Like I said, it won’t necessarily be high quality traffic all the time – still I throw them in weekly because they help me get exposure and every loyal reader is important.

Staying on Track With Posting

If you’re human, you have the potential to miss a post now and again if you’re not careful. That’s why I’m so glad that you can schedule posts ahead of time to avoid missing a post – and to ensure that you’re publishing at an optimal time.