If you’ve been following along with the Great Kindle Publishing Experiment, you know that I’ve been trying all sorts of different marketing tips and tricks in order to get my arms around what works and what doesn’t.

While I’ve done the KDP free days with every book I’ve published so far (and they do seem to work – detailed information coming on that in a future post), I haven’t yet tried the Kindle Countdown Deal.

So, since one of my books (which is admittedly slightly outside of my usual genre but still directed at my target audience and close enough to be relevant) isn’t selling as well as the others, I decided to try it with this one.

It’s a more career-focused book and one that I hope will help me launch another series in the near future that focuses not only on discovering your passion but also on making money from it (that is, after all, what I do!).

bloom flouish shine coverThe book is called Bloom, Flourish, Shine and it’s priced at $4.49 on the Kindle store. Of course, those who are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime can read it for free.

Setting Up the Kindle Countdown Promotion on KDP

Setting it up was super easy – just logged into the dashboard at the KDP site and clicked “promote and advertise” under the book’s listing.

Then I selected the dates and went for it. I did a seven-day promotion with four price increments.

I’m interested to see what will happen next and whether this will have as much of a positive effect as the KDP free days promotions – but I would love to see it be even more effective.

I plan to hire some help from Fiverr to do some of the social media marketing stuff, but I’ll also be doing some of it myself. I’ll update you on this promotion when it’s finished and let you know how it worked for me.

Have you tried the KDP Countdown promotion before? How did it work for you? Share your thoughts below or hit me up on Facebook. I really want to know how it works for other writers, too!