As a successful writer in 2015, I owe a lot to both the advent of the internet and to my fellow writers and online entrepreneurs.

Special Offer for Writers Only

And thanks to the amazing relationships I’ve formed with so many of my colleagues over the years, I’ve decided to offer a special deal for those writers who may be need help getting their sites up and running, or who just want to create a “one-stop-shop” that shows their entire online catalogue.

My just-released One-Pager Online Hub program is perfect for online writing professionals, especially those who have multiple interests or niches online.

(If you’re looking for a more full-service website, I do that too – and as always, my fellow writers get deep discounts.)

While the package runs the average Joe up to $1,000 up front and $50 per month for maintenance and hosting, I’m offering to do One-Pagers for subscribers of at a much lower cost.

If the initial, up-front cost is too much for you, be sure to scroll down and check out the low-cost payment plan alternative.

See the confidential writers-only pricing discounts here. (PLEASE keep this confidential – it’s ONLY for OWP members!).

  • The BlissFire Media One-Pager program is also ideal for:
  • Kindle Authors – for author pages and/or for each individual book
  • Online Marketing Pros
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Online Entrepreneurs

How many websites do you have? Could you use a one-stop resource? Find out how to get your very own online hub, right here. 



Quick Pop Quiz for Authors and Small Business Owners

  1. Do you need exposure?
  2. Want more people to know about your book, product or service? Are you marketing to women between the ages of 18 and 65?
  3. Want to do it on a shoestring budget, but with a professional edge?

If you’ve answered yes to the three questions above, you’ve come to the right place. 

When You Buy This Special Exclusive-to-Fiverr Gig for Your Book Marketing, You’ll Get:

  • A “forever” post that includes unlimited promotion ( The post will never be deleted, and I always tweet and share posts that are evergreen repeatedly over the course of weeks and months)
  • Your name (or Twitter handle) in the title
  • A custom advertising pic that features your book cover and author pic (if desired)
  • A link to your blog or website
  • Links to your novel and on Goodreads/ Amazon/ B&N (or other sites. as appropriate)
  • Your book description
  • A blog post (written by you) between 300 and 800 words (optional – see extras if you want me to write it)
  • An “About the Author” section featuring your bio
  • Links to all your social media accounts (also provided by you)

When You Buy for Your Product or Service, You’ll Get:

As with books, I can promote your product or service if it is related to my blog content and of interest to my mostly female audience between the ages of 18 and 65.

For example:  Movies, fashion, accessories, Jewelry, Home decor, writing, reading, technology, gadgets, kids stuff (our blog features writers with kids ages newborn to 18 and beyond), pet care, cleaning, dietary supplements, health and dieting, fitness, etc.

If you purchase for a product or service, the following is included:

  • High quality pics of your product or service (provided by you, or taken by me if you send me the product or provide the service)
  • A blog post about your company (provided by you, or see extras if you want me to  write it)
  • Links to where your products or services are for sale and to your social media profiles

Whether you purchase this gig for your book, or for a product or service, the post  on my blog will be shared on all my social media accounts and will be reshared hundreds of times over the course of the coming months with my 50K plus social media connections (all organically grown accounts – I’ve been in the online writing business since 2005 full-time).

Please note: I have bloggers all over the country, so if you’re looking for a LOCAL blogger, please message me and let me know your location. I’ll let you know if I’ve got someone near you or whether I can help in some way.

Why Should You Hire Me? What else do you get out of this gig?

You almost can’t pass this deal up. You’ll get valuable exposure to your target audience, and as a bonus, marketing from a professional who has been in the business for a decade.

As an author or a business owner, I can provide you with a huge influx of exposure that will last indefinitely. This can significantly increase your chance to get more sales and seriously increase your bottom line! Are you ready to shine?

And, while you’re at it: Why not upgrade to include a giveaway on the site? That will more than DOUBLE your exposure – and with more than 20K regular readers and 15k+ subscribers – you can’t lose.

Don’t Forget to Check out my Gig Extras

  • For an extra $20, I will write and edit the blog post for you.
  • For an extra $5, I’ll provide a brief review on or the site of your choice.
  • For an extra $20, I’ll add a brief video review to my site with the post.
  • For an extra $20, I’ll feature your post in the top spot on the front page of my site for 24 hours AND include your post in my newsletter, which will send it to more than  15,000 organically collected subscribers directly by email.